Hire at your own risk.







Tony Junio Digennaro (pictured to the left)


Tony Digennaro embezzled $27,775.00 from his then-employer Attorney Steve Howard.


He was arrested in Lansing, Michigan, for the crime of forgery, embezzlement more than $20,000.


Mr. DiGennaro passes himself off as a legal secretary, law student, and accountant.


Gained access to a safe and forged $27,775 of checks to himself.


Mr. DiGennaro is 5'5. Weighs between 130-140 pounds.


Has black hair and dark eyes. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian.


He speaks with a strong Brooklyn/New York accent.


Method of Operation: Mr. DiGennaro is extremely intelligent. He walks, talks, and sounds like a good paralegal. After working for awhile, he will gain access to combinations by looking over your soldier. He will have you sign checks to legitimate creditors. Promises solemnly to mail the envelopes filled with signed checks when he leaves for the day. He then doesn't mail the checks, takes spare checks out of the safe, and writes himself between one and four checks everyday from amounts ranging from $200-$700. Half of them he will cash at check-cashing places, the other half he will drop into his own account.


To prevent the discovering his crime, he steals incoming mail to include, but not limited to, bank statements, overdraft notices, bills, letters demanding payment, and even letters threatening to sue. To further hide his crime, he "cooks the books" to make them reflect how much money should be in your account. To increase his own fortune, he aggressively pursues your creditors to get them to pay so he may steal the money. He also throws a fit if he is not paid on time for any reason.


WARNING: Employ him, or even allow him on your property or premises at your own risk and peril.


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